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just be patient and gentle with him and if ever you've felt the two of you never move on well make the first move...good luck:) I'm a Leo woman who was casually dating a Capricorn Man.He also gives comforting words when im feeling down and will not leave me in a tight squeeze. Its sometimes hard to figure out what he's thinking or feeling as he reverts into a shell over and over. but I never can force him its only on his time of sharing his deepest feelings.It makes me, the Leo women, a little uneasy at times and unsure on when to make certain moves. I do feel safe with him and when he's ready for romance it can be beautiful and passionate the way he takes his time.Although I want to come out right and ask what is the deal because I am totally digging him.

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He is a bit controlling, but not enough to send a Leo packing. My Cancer man is great in bed, loyal, dependable, generous and extremely intelligent. I m 21 years old and my Cancer guy is 26, sometimes I feel he is ignoring me a lot, but in bedroom he dominates me a lot which I love.

where he's not typical: he loves to go out, he's not flirtatious at all, and he's pretty confident.