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The cameras have been installed at strategic and high-value locations that were surveyed over two-and-a-half months by Additional Commissioner of Police Vasant Dhoble.Around 4,200 of these cameras are fixed, that is, they will point only in one direction.Being there, live, while the world is changing around us, is pure inspiration.Around the clock we give interested people the opportunity to take part in any event of the world, and to be inspired by all the events that matter most to TV does not simply awaken my curiosity, it does not just surprise me time and again, earth TV keeps inspiring me with a unique way to connect the world live.Here people come together to celebrate – there, people stand together after a terrible disaster.

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Here, a skyscraper is rising high – there, a new park is opened.

Popup Rooms - No chaging pages No changing pages when you want to view a broadcasters room. , well click the 'X' button to close and resume on the same page. Dual screen action Our double screen alows you to view one performer while you browse for others.

Just click onthe 'popup' link to open the room on top of the current page. Its the perfect 'What else is on' feature that lest you see all the new performers coming online, or see the ones that are trending, performers with the most viewers, youngest or oldest.

For the convenience of Investors and Intermediaries, CAMS has set up Service Centres that are connected in realtime to the back office at Chennai.

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This connectivity allows service centres to access the database for transaction acceptance as well as query handling, thus enabling same day transaction processing and across the counter servicing.Borrowing London and New York’s security model of extensive CCTV camera coverage of cities, Mumbai Police can now watch over more than 80% of the metro round the clock in high definition.