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As mid-season approached, it seemed quite possible that either Maris or Mantle, or perhaps both, would break Ruth's 34-year-old home run record.

Unlike the home run race of 1998, where both Mark Mc Gwire and Sammy Sosa were given extensive positive media coverage in their pursuit of Maris' record, sportswriters in 1961 began to play the "M&M Boys" against each other, inventing a rivalry where none existed, as Yogi Berra has told multiple interviewers.

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In 1950, Roger led his North Dakota legion team to the state championship.

His accomplishment of 61 home runs in a season came back to the forefront in 1998, when the home run record was broken by Mark Mc Gwire and later that same year by Sammy Sosa. He reached the major leagues in 1957 playing for the Cleveland Indians. Maris was an American League (AL) All-Star from 1959 through 1962, The Maras family moved to Grand Forks, North Dakota in 1942 and to Fargo, North Dakota in 1946, where he attended Fargo Central High School.