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''I had sent them footage of my one-women show and performed a monologue for them.

I made the small group of people in the room laugh then cry.

Most importantly, it made me mad.'Soon enough, she had an agent and gigs were lining up, bringing Elizabeth into the world of 'fit modeling', where models act as mannequins for brands and give feedback on the clothing to help them design them for the masses.

Not only did the job teach her that 'you, the consumer, truly have nothing to do with how the clothes fit you', but after years of working away in the job she grew to love, she was plucked out and brought into the world of A-list design.'They were looking for a new model and without even thinking about it, I did my usual moves - tried on the garments, spoke my mind, was my usual outgoing self and was given the green light by Gerard Guez, who's Sunrise Brands was partnering with Melissa,' she says.

Watching the show, the pair's rapport is obvious onscreen.

On a recent appearance, Melissa gushed about her fit model, saying: 'Every single thing goes on to Elizabeth and she really, really will not hold back when we are trying to figure something out or a fit, she's really instrumental in that.'Aside from her role with Melissa's brand, Elizabeth - who, ironically, got her name after her parents decided at her birth that no one would care about the then-overweight actress Elizabeth Taylor in 20 or so years - is also a designer herself, having created earrings and a big-selling namesake dress for Pinup Girl Clothing.

The book taught her that her body shame was down to society's attitudes and not her own.

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