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The level land at the head of the gulf is the plain of Issus, which is bounded on the north and north-west by the other range of Amanus, which descends in a SW.direction as far as the lower course of the Pyramus.The mountains at the back of the coast of Cilicia Trachea contain timber trees; and Strabo mentions Hamaxia, which is between Coracesium and Selinus, as a station to which shiptimber was brought down,--chiefly cedar, which was abundant; and he adds that M. A long straight beach extends from the Lamus to Soli; and as we advance eastward from the Lamus the mountains recede further from the shores, and leave a greater breadth of level country.Antonius gave these parts to Cleopatra, because they were suited for the equipment of a navy. The mountains that bound this plain on the north have their peaks covered with snow in June.It produced sesame, panic, millet, wheat, and barley,--which are cultivated there at the present day,--with rice, cotton, and the sugar-cane; the date tree is indigenous.(Ainsworth,) Xenophon describes the plain as surrounded by rugged and lofty mountains on all sides from sea to sea; by which expression we must understand that he considered the plain of Cilicia as extending eastward to the place where the Amanus runs down to the sea, and terminates in Cape The coast of this bay east of Karadash has first a general eastern, and then a north-eastern direction, to the head of the gulf of Issus.

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“Here,” observes Beaufort, “the rocky coast finally terminates, being succeeded by a gravelly beach and broad plains, which extend inland to the foot of the mountains.” Strabo reckons the distance along the coast from Coracesium to Anemurium to be 820 stadia; and the distance from Anemurium to Soli at about 500 stadia.

The distance from Coracesium to Anemurium is 68 English miles; and Strabo's distance is too great.

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