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Pharmacies across the country — in major medical centers and in neighborhood strip malls — routinely toss out tons of scarce and potentially valuable prescription drugs when they hit their expiration dates.Gerona and Cantrell, a pharmacist and toxicologist, knew that the term “expiration date” was a misnomer.The drugs are worth tens of billions of dollars and would provide a first line of defense in case of a large-scale emergency. The drugs have to be kept secure and at the proper humidity and temperature so they don’t degrade.Luckily, the country has rarely needed to tap into many of the drugs, but this means they often reach their expiration dates.

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Cantrell called Roy Gerona, a University of California, San Francisco, researcher who specializes in analyzing chemicals.

Play that out at hospitals across the country and the tab is significant: about 0 million per year.

And that doesn’t include the costs of expired drugs at long-term care pharmacies, retail pharmacies and in consumer medicine cabinets.

To determine a new drug’s shelf life, its maker zaps it with intense heat and soaks it with moisture to see how it degrades under stress. The drug company then proposes an expiration date to the FDA, which reviews the data to ensure it supports the date and approves it.

Despite the difference in drugs’ makeup, most “expire” after two or three years.

The news media is rife with stories of medications priced out of reach or of shortages of crucial drugs, sometimes because producing them is no longer profitable.

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